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TALENT: Tips for Performers Submitting Promo Materials to Southwest Florida Circus Company

  • Google Drive Organization
    • Centralize Your Materials: Please compile all your promotional materials into a single Google Drive folder. This helps us to easily access and review your content in one place.
    • Share with Us: Once organized, share access to this folder with our Google account: swflcircus@gmail.com. This streamlines the process, ensuring your materials are immediately available to our team for assessment.
    • Photo and Video Guidelines
    • Avoid Branding: Ensure that your photos and videos are free from any branding or contact information. This helps maintain a focus on your performance and skills, rather than external details.
    • High-Quality Visuals: We encourage you to send the highest quality and resolution materials possible. High-quality visuals are more engaging and provide a clearer representation of your talents.
  • Pricing Information
    • Clear Price Points: Include detailed pricing information or price points for your offerings. This is crucial for event planners to make informed decisions and facilitates smoother collaboration.
    • Event-Specific Rates: If your rates vary based on the type of event (e.g., corporate events, birthday parties, festivals), please provide this detailed breakdown. It helps in tailoring our offerings to clients’ specific needs.

Circus Classes and Workshops in Southwest Florida

Embark on an exciting journey with the Southwest Florida Circus Company, where we offer a range of circus classes and workshops taught by passionate instructors. Whether it’s aerial silks, juggling, acrobatics, balloon twisting, magic, or contortion, we have something for everyone. We take a unique approach, hosting meet-ups across Southwest Florida to create a welcoming environment for circus enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. Our instructors are dedicated to helping you unlock your potential in the circus arts, with classes designed for beginners to seasoned performers. Join our tight-knit community to explore new talents, enhance skills, and celebrate the magic of the circus. Interested in joining the fun? Fill out our form to stay updated on upcoming meet-ups, workshops, and special events. Let’s journey together into the mesmerizing world of circus arts and experience the thrill, wonder, and joy of learning something extraordinary. Come one, come all, and let the magic unfold at the Southwest Florida Circus Company!