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Let's Make Your Valentine's Day Event at Alluring Acres Unforgettable!

Proposal presented by: Southwest Florida Circus Company!

Hey Ameera,

It was great chatting with you on the phone earlier! I’m still buzzing with excitement about the idea of bringing our fire dancer to your Valentine’s Day event at Alluring Acres. Honestly, I think it’s going to be such a cool addition to the evening!

So, here’s the deal: we’ve got this amazing fire dancer who would perform for 15 minutes at 8 PM, right after everyone’s enjoyed their dinner. It’s the perfect timing to kick the energy up a notch and really wow your guests. Our performer is not just any fire dancer – they’ve wowed crowds at other venues and always leave people talking. I’m confident they’ll bring that same magic to your event.

And hey, I know planning events can be a bit nerve-wracking, so I want you to know we’ve got your back. Safety is super important to us, and our fire dancer is a pro at keeping things thrilling yet totally under control. Plus, we’ll make sure the performance vibes perfectly with your event’s atmosphere.

We’re also super excited about the chance to collaborate with Alluring Acres. Your venue is stunning, and we’re keen on helping spread the word about your space. Think of this as more than just a performance; it’s a partnership to create an evening that’ll have everyone talking.

Looking forward to making this happen!


Geroge Gilbert

Southwest Florida Circus Company

(239) 985-5540

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Scope of Services

*Insured Performer*

Pre-Performance Safety Check

Prior to the performance, our entertainers will check the outside performance area for any safety hazards, ensuring a safe and memorable performance.

Expert Trained Fire Dance Professionals

Our fire dancers are expertly trained in safety, entertainment and performance, ensuring a memorable experience.

Event Promotion to 10k + Locals

Share your promotional facebook posts to "Fort Myers Beach Community Events" group and we will make sure they are approved within 24 hours for high visibility.

Your Investment

1 Fire Performer
Booking and Coordination

Total: $585

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