Extraordinary Entertainment for Hom-Tech December 14th - Corporate Event Planning and Party Planning

Extraordinary Entertainment for Hom-Tech December 14th

Proposal presented by: Southwest Florida Circus Company!

Hey Kylie,

Thanks a ton for chatting with me! We’re super excited to present this proposal for Home-Tech’s annual Christmas event at the Preserve Country Club on December 14th. We’ve tailored this to feature top-notch entertainment that’s both elegant and classy, perfect for a corporate audience. As you requested, we’ve lined up the best aerialist, strolling magician/mentalist, and fire dancer.

Take a look and let me know if you have any questions. Just a heads-up, this isn’t an agreement or a contract yet! Once you approve this proposal, we’ll send over an official contract to lock it in.

If there are any changes you want to make, don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at 727-333-0055. If there are any budget constraints, we can look at different performers. We’ll do whatever we can to customize the perfect entertainment package for Home-Tech.

Thanks for choosing to use a local SWFL business. It means a lot to us!


George Gilbert

Aerialist Sample

Note: Our aerial apparatus stands 24 feet high with a footprint of 16×6 feet. We’ll need access to the venue at least 30 minutes before the event begins for assembly.

Fire Dancer Sample

Note: If the venue is not comfortable with a fire dancer, we can find a comparable act that doesn’t involve fire but is equally captivating. Just let me know!

Strolling Magician / Mentalist Sample

As a seasoned mentalist, Brendon will also share the intriguing challenges and humorous anecdotes that come with always hearing what people are thinking. Get ready to be entertained, enlightened, and amazed by the fascinating world of mind reading.

Scope of Services

*Insured Performers for 2 hours*

We will provide an additional insured certificate for Home-Tech as well as the venue.

*Safety Check and Apparatus Setup*

Safety Check: Comprehensive safety inspection and measures to ensure a secure environment for the performance.


Travel and Gas: Coverage of travel expenses to Fort Myers, ensuring our performers arrive punctually and ready to entertain.

Your Investment

Insured Aerial Performer (Multiple Sets over 2 hours)
Insured Fire Dancer (Multiple sets over 2 hours)
Insured Magician / Mentalist (2 hours)

Total: $3880

Approve Proposal

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