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Happy Birthday AZUL!

Proposal presented by: Southwest Florida Circus Company!

Hi Elise,

Hope you’re doing great! I’m really excited to talk about Azul the Eagle’s birthday party at FGCU. We’re all about making parties fun and unforgettable!

We’ve Got Some Awesome Ideas for Azul’s Big Day! 🎉

  • Face Painting: Who doesn’t like getting their face painted? Our artists can paint anything from beautiful eagles to fun designs.
  • Big Games: We have huge versions of games like Jenga and Connect Four. They’re so much fun and great for playing together!
  • Half-Time Show!: Our juggling stunt show is perfect to keep crowds excited during half-time!

Why You’ll Love Working With Us:

  • We’re Local: We’re right here in Fort Myers, so we know all about making parties special in our community.
  • Friendly and Fun: Our team is super friendly and loves to make people smile.
  • Just Right for You: We’ll make sure everything is just how you want it for Azul’s birthday.

Let’s Plan This Party!

Can’t wait to help make this birthday party a blast! Thanks for thinking of us!


George Gilbert

Southwest Florida Circus Company

(239) 985-5540 | info@swflcircus.com



Get ready for some giant fun! We’ve got Jumbo Kickball Darts, Jumbo Connect 4, Jumbo Jenga, and Cornhole – all super-sized for super laughs! Don’t worry about the setup; we’ll take care of creating the perfect play area for your kids. Let the games begin

Face Painting!

Great news for Azul’s special day! We have an amazing face painter ready to bring smiles and color to the party. They’re a local favorite, known for their fantastic work at several events around town, and they always earn rave reviews. Can’t wait to see the joy they’ll bring to this celebration!

Half Time Stunt Show!

Exciting news for your half-time entertainment! We have an incredible act that’s perfect for keeping everyone thrilled and engaged. Imagine this: our amazing juggler, balancing on top of a 10-foot unicycle, juggles with astounding skill. But that’s not all – they also perform a heart-stopping escape from a straitjacket while perched high on the unicycle! It’s a show-stopper that’s sure to be the highlight of any half-time show!

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Your Investment

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Half Time Stunt Show
Jumbo Games
Face Painter
Booking and Coordination

Total: $1575

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