Daniel Israel

Southwest Florida Juggler : A Daring Blend of Comedy and Juggling Spectacle!

Looking for a sensational juggler in Southwest Florida? Your search ends here! Southwest Florida Circus Company proudly presents Daniel Israel, a multi-talented entertainer who combines comedy, juggling, and escape artistry to deliver a show filled with danger, excitement, and sheer awe!

Comically Kooky with a Sophisticated Edge:

Daniel’s unique style appeals to audiences of all ages, blending comically kooky antics with a sophisticated edge. His performance is a delightful mix of laughter and jaw-dropping stunts that will keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

An Industry-Leading Entertainer:

With a strong work ethic, cool demeanor, and quick-witted banter, Daniel stands out as an industry-leading entertainer. His daring escapes and cheeky contortions leave audiences captivated and craving for more. He is a natural performer with a charisma that shines through in every act.

Unicycles, Straitjackets, and Juggling Clubs:

Armed with his well-loved 7-foot unicycle, straitjacket, and juggling clubs, Daniel traverses the country, ready to amuse and entertain audiences wherever he goes. His impressive skills and captivating presence create a mesmerizing experience for all.

Book Southwest Florida Juggler – Daniel Israel:

Don’t miss the chance to witness the thrilling spectacle of Southwest Florida’s finest juggler. Contact Southwest Florida Circus Company now to book Daniel Israel and ensure an unforgettable event filled with laughter, excitement, and daring feats.