Mark Evans

Get Ready to Roar with Laughter! Introducing Mark Evans, the Hilarious Comedian in Southwest Florida.

Looking for a comedian who knows how to tickle your funny bone? Look no further than Mark Evans, the insanely funny Atlanta native who brings his uproarious humor to the south with his “Southern…not stupid” tour. This tour has been a smash hit across the nation, shattering stereotypes and proving that southerners are anything but inbred pig farmers!

Unforgettable Comedy Experience:

Mark’s comedic genius lies in his perfect blend of humor and sarcasm, shining a light on the amusing aspects of everyday life. From the random acts of stupidity we all encounter to the absurdities we witness and hear, Mark’s hilarious take on these situations will leave you laughing in stitches.

A Fresh Perspective:

Join in on the laughter as Mark skillfully reveals the hilarious truth about ourselves and the world around us. His witty insights will not only keep you entertained but might even make you a little wiser.

Book Mark Evans Now:

Don’t miss out on the chance to have Mark Evans grace your event in Southwest Florida. Whether it’s a corporate function, private party, or any special occasion, Mark’s comedic brilliance will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Get ready for an evening of non-stop laughter and memorable moments. Contact us today to book Mark Evans and ensure your event is an absolute hit!