Unforgettable Galas and Fundraisers

Impress your esteemed guests and valued clients by showcasing your unwavering commitment to your business, your cause, and most importantly, them. At Southwest Florida Circus Company, we infuse every event with sheer elegance, unparalleled style, and mind-boggling artistry. Prepare to leave a lasting impression as your guests continue to rave about your brand and event for years to come!

Unique and Spectacular Entertainment for Special Occasions

Let Southwest Florida Circus Company make your special occasion truly unforgettable with our mesmerizing circus, magic, and variety entertainment! Our team of world-class performing artists offers a wide range of entertainment options, ensuring that no event is too grand or too intimate for us to add an extra touch of flair and fun. Let us bring the magic to your special day!

Holiday Spectacular

Get ready for a sensational holiday experience with Southwest Florida Circus Company! Our extraordinary circus acts and mesmerizing magic entertainment options will add a touch of magic to your celebrations. From the excitement of New Year’s Eve to the warmth of Christmas, and every special occasion in between, we are here to create unforgettable memories and make your festivities truly spectacular.

Kids Educational Workshops

Southwest Florida Circus Company presents an interactive and engaging workshop designed for children and young adults (ages 8-14) to learn the significance of physical and mental well-being. Through a combination of fun-filled activities that enhance concentration, dexterity, and enjoyment, participants will not only be entertained, but also develop confidence and character. This unique program goes beyond a typical circus workshop as it seamlessly integrates valuable life and health lessons into the curriculum.


At Southwest Florida Circus Company, we believe that your wedding day deserves to be extraordinary. It is a day where you come together with your loved ones to celebrate the power of love and embark on a new chapter of your life. We are here to make this special day truly unforgettable, not only for you but also for your esteemed guests. With our exceptional entertainment, we create an enchanting atmosphere that reflects the magic and completeness of your unique love story. Allow us to weave threads of joy and wonder into your wedding, creating cherished memories that will endure forever.

Adult Birthdays

Party entertainment is not just for kids. Grown-ups want to have fun on their birthdays, too — but keep it classy. Trust the high-end, professional entertainers at Southwest Florida Circus Company and celebrate a new year with a night to remember.You’re never too old for good, clean fun!*Please note, “adult” here simply refers to persons over the age of 21. All of our services are considered family friendly.

Stage Shows / Theaters

The Southwest Florida Circus Company presents extraordinary stage shows that are highly entertaining and incredibly tech-friendly. Our specialty is a mesmerizing variety show featuring a rotating cast of exceptionally talented artists. Be prepared to be amazed and captivated by their breathtaking skills and awe-inspiring performances. Our shows promise a delightful, engaging, and inspiring experience for all. For more details, or to discuss available dates and bookings, please contact us today.

Southwest Florida Circus Company: Unleash the Power of Teamwork

At Southwest Florida Circus Company, we specialize in delivering captivating and immersive circus workshops that foster strong bonds within your corporate team. Our workshops go beyond mere entertainment, offering a unique combination of balance, teamwork, and quick problem-solving skills that will leave a lasting impact on your staff. With our 90-120 minute programs, we not only boost employee morale, but also ignite motivation and foster a sense of camaraderie that transcends the workshop itself. Discover the transformative power of circus training for your team today!

Southwest Florida Circus Company

Experience the magic of outdoor staging and sound with Southwest Florida Circus Company. Our entertainment services offer a variety of options to elevate your event. From breathtaking stage setups to crystal clear sound systems, we ensure an unforgettable experience. Discover our exclusive packages and pricing available upon request.


Get ready to be amazed! The Southwest Florida Circus Company brings you top-notch entertainment that will leave your audience spellbound. From incorporating logos and specific themes into our performances to customizing shows for trade shows and conferences, we have the perfect show to meet your needs and captivate your audience. Looking to boost company morale and encourage teamwork? Our Team Building circus workshops provide a unique and exciting way to foster cooperation among your employees. Join us for a memorable experience!

Children’s Birthdays

No one loves a fun party more than a child, but why settle for an ordinary celebration when you can have a truly extraordinary one? At Southwest Florida Circus Company, we believe in creating magical memories that will leave both parents and kids spellbound. Our talented performers will captivate young imaginations with mind-boggling circus skills, ensuring an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Get ready to witness jaw-dropping acts that will leave you in awe! Book Southwest Florida Circus Company for your next birthday party and turn it into an extraordinary circus spectacle.

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Your child is becoming an adult, so celebrate with an event they’ll remember for the rest of their lives! You’ll make memories together that will last a lifetime.Southwest Florida Circus Company happily customizes their acts to suit any theme or color scheme, and has a wide variety of specialty acts that are sure to add that perfect touch; there are endless options to create a unique experience for all of your guests and most importantly, your child.

Fairs and Festivals

Southwest Florida Circus Company takes center stage with captivating, humorous, and interactive circus and magic shows that will have audiences talking for years to come. Our talented artists are thrilled to collaborate with you in promoting their own shows and attracting large crowds, as well as shining a spotlight on other attractions that deserve special attention. And that’s not all – our artists are skilled in providing additional entertainment options in between shows, such as stilt walking, balloon twisting, strolling magic, unicycle juggling, workshops, and more! Step into the mesmerizing realm of Southwest Florida Circus Company, where enchantment awaits. Join our circus family and embark on an unforgettable journey through the thrill of the circus in Southwest Florida! As the premier entertainers in Southwest Florida, we are committed to making your events extraordinary. Connect with us to discover how we can elevate your occasion to new heights!